Tina Mitchell

"Live Your Dream Now!"

With being a business efficiency coach, experience really matters.  Tina has been coaching hundreds of students on her one-timing philosophy since 2014.

She has shared her One-Time Your Business™ philosophy with leaders, organizations, and businesses worldwide.  This proven system helps remove stress and overwhelm through streamlining issues that come up again and again, creating more time to get everything someone wants out of life!

Tina has been in the mortgage industry for 25 years and has been recognized in the top 1% Nationwide.  She loves numbers so much that she designed and founded Mortgage Triangle Software.


She is committed to the Real Estate community and has been awarded Partner Of The Year from Washington REALTORS, Media Of the Year from Seattle King County REALTORS, and Member Of The Year from Women’s Council of REALTORS.


Tina is a radio personality and host of The Money Hour on 1150 AM KKNW and Founder and Owner of TM Media Agency.  She is a keynote speaker, coach on One-Time Your Business™, and the author of Journey With Me.


She is passionate about her career in the mortgage industry because of the challenges her family faced with keeping them housed when she was young.  Helping others reach their dream of homeownership is very rewarding to Tina.  She also volunteers her time in the homeless community by sharing her message, Tragedy into Triumph.  

Tina’s personal motto is “Live Your Dream Now!” Listen to her song, Dream.


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